Dana for BC NDP Leader

    January 15, 2011
    Dana Larsen Campaign: American Wrestling Superstar Rob Van Dam endorses Dana Larsen for BC NDP Leader
    American wrestler Rob Van Dam endorses Dana Larsen for BCNDP Leader.
    In a video released today, champion American wrestler Rob Van Dam endorsed the Leadership campaign of Dana Larsen, and encouraged his fans in BC to join the NDP and support Dana.
    "I appreciate Rob's support," said Larsen. "Of course as an American he can't join the BC NDP himself, but this just goes to show how our campaign is getting people excited all around the world."
    Rob Van Dam is an advocate for marijuana legalization, and was known for wearing cannabis code "420" on his wrestling gear, as well as performing a "420 leg drop" as one of his signature moves.
    "We expect to have more celebrity endorsements over the length of the campaign," said Larsen. "I'm encouraged by the international support our campaign has received, it's a testament to the popularity of taxing, regulating and controlling marijuana. People around the world are looking to Canada for leadership on this issue."

    January 11, 2011
    Dana Larsen campaign launches YouTube channel, announces campaign office opening
    BC NDP Leadership candidate Dana Larsen's campaign team has launched a YouTube channel to release campaign commercials.
    "We're releasing one video commercial every day this week," said Nicole Seguin, the Larsen campaign's Outreach Coordinator. "We're addressing a variety of issues, including Dana's call for more referendums, a $10 minimum wage, Sustainable BC and how to get smart on crime."
    The YouTube channel is found at www.youtube.com/votedanalarsen
    Larsen is also hosting an open house tomorrow for the media at his new Campaign Office, located in the Dominion Building, 207 West Hastings, office # 814.
    Media are invited to attend the Campaign Office Grand Opening from 12-1 on January 12. The office will then be open for public drop-ins from Noon-6pm, anyone who wants to meet Dana Larsen is welcome to come by.
    "I am so proud of the team we're building," said Larsen. "We have volunteers out signing up new members non-stop. Our website at VoteDana.ca is is getting tons of hits and our Facebook page is closing in on 1000 fans. Plus the Vote Dana buttons and t-shirts look fabulous and our campaign office is already a hive of activity. People across the province are getting really excited about our campaign, and I'm honoured to represent their ideals in this leadership race."
    For more information:
    Campaign office: 604-786-0721, info@votedana.ca

    January 4, 2011
    Dana Larsen Campaign: Tommy Chong joins BC NDP to support
    Tommy Chong, famed Canadian actor, comedian, author and musician, has joined the BC New Democratic Party and endorsed Dana Larsen for party leader.
    "I joined the BC NDP for one reason, and that is Dana Larsen," said Chong in a statement accompanying a video released today. "Dana is a candidate who has honesty and integrity. He's not your typical politician, he represents the real grassroots of this province."
    Larsen is the Director of two non-profit societies that provide medicinal cannabis products to thousands of patients. He formally announced his bid for the BC NDP leadership on December 28.
    Chong, best known as half of the comedy duo Cheech and Chong, has starred in over a dozen films, released ten albums and often appears in the media as a political commentator and pundit.
    "I'm honoured to have the support of a cultural icon like Tommy Chong," said Larsen. "Over his lengthy career, Tommy has brought joy and laughter to millions of people. Yet he also knows first-hand the damage caused by the failed war on marijuana."
    Chong served nine months in California prison during 2003-04, after being convicted of selling bongs over the Internet. He is a Canadian citizen and resides in Vancouver.
    "As Premier, I would legalize marijuana in BC," said Larsen. "Cannabis is British Columbia's biggest industry, and it needs to be taxed, regulated and brought above ground. Legal marijuana would be a windfall for the citizens of our province. People like Tommy Chong don't belong in prison."
    Tommy Chong Video:

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